During the pandemic, NTI was challenged with creating a Nunavut Day event like no other: no social gatherings. How could the day be celebrated without traditions like community feasts, Inuit games, parades or musical performances? Working with NTI and the Nunavut Day Planning Committee, Ayaya helped to create engaging online contests, social media posts, television messages, and web ads.


Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI)


  • Communications & Marketing
  • Special Events
  • Social Marketing
  • Graphic Design
Ayaya designed eye-catching ads and social media posts for Nunavut Day. In total, 35 social media posts promoted virtual events in English, Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun.

Challenge: In only six weeks, Ayaya worked with the client and the Nunavut Day planning committee to organize two contests including a Home Cook Challenge and TikTok videos, supported with marketing materials in English, Inuktitut syllabics and Inuinnaqtun. Both contests were designed to celebrate Inuit culture and language; and encourage entries from all ages and regions. Six videos with Nunavut Day messages were created, featuring the Nunavut Commissioner, President and Vice-President of NTI, and three Presidents of the Regional Inuit Associations. In addition, several initiatives were launched including: the Canadian Heritage Rivers Logo Contest, Inuktut Writing Prize, Inuit Scholarships Program and Inuit TV. This resulted in widespread online engagement leading up to Nunavut Day.

Nooks Kreuger-Lindell and his son Nipi submitted two recipes for the Home Cook Challenge, Tingmiaq Three Ways and Aqpik (N)ice Cream. The ice cream recipe won 3rd prize!

Outcome: Through leveraging the major media, Nunavut Day received extensive coverage on APTN and CBC. In addition, there was wide reach on newspaper websites, NTI’s website and social media. Despite a short planning timeframe, there was robust participation in the online contests. The activities also attracted a high level of engagement from Nunavummiut who followed the events and contests online. Overall, it was considered a successful transition from live events to virtual celebrations, implemented quickly in English and Inuktut.

80 entries to the Home Cook Challenge

20 videos entries to the TikTok competition and 6,500 video views

425,000 newspaper views

35 Facebook posts reaching 16,000 and 5,000 post engagements

See Nunavut Commissioner Nellie Kusugak’s message, one of six videos created by Ayaya with Chickweed Arts of Iqaluit, which aired on APTN and social media. See Video