Ayaya's team has been involved with the Nunavut Trade Show, Nunavut's premier business event, since its inception. Today we create an overall graphic design, and produce a multitude of advertising, marketing and signage items.


Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce


  • Ad Design & Placement
  • Graphic Design
  • Translation
  • Social Marketing
Celebrating Partnerships
Reports, trade show guide, ads and signage, all with consistent branding.
Newspaper ads promote the show across the North.
Colourful ads seamlessly integrating the trade show logo: here, an online leaderboard ad.

Challenge: To create a vibrant marketing campaign and trade show materials for Nunavut's premier business gathering.

Outcome: Ayaya has been awarded the marketing for Nunavut's premier business event repeatedly due to great service, an on-site account co-ordination team, and a creative approach to marketing. Our wealth of contacts within the business community ensure a seamless process for gathering images, ads and content from businesses across Nunavut for the show guide and other items.