As of 2017, all public and private organizations in Nunavut are required to communicate to the public in Inuktut. Even with a law passed, getting businesses to comply will take a long time. The Department of Culture and Heritage hired Ayaya to provide strategic marketing and communications services to encourage organizations to voluntarily comply with the law.


GN Culture and Heritage


  • Graphic Design
  • Translation
  • Ad Design & Placement
  • Special Events
Let's Speak Inuktut
Ads placed in newspaper and magazines across Nunavut.
Kits sent to businesses to promote Inuktut.

Challenge: Grabbing the attention of busy business owners to help them understand the importance of serving customers in Inuktut and encouraging them to comply.

5-year Strategic Plan

Pan-Nunavut ad campaign

Marketing Materials

Info Package to 1,500 businesses in Nunavut

Outcome: Ads ran in four languages, bright and catchy marketing materials were created and sent to all businesses in Nunavut. Businesses and organizations responded so positively to the design, they requested additional pieces and adopted it for their own use.

Highly visible stickers were posted by businesses who served customers in Inuktut.