We know the North

Our Services

Our service goal? To provide a stress-free experience for our clients by offering one-stop creative solutions starting with strategic planning and writing, and continuing with translation, design, production and print. It’s the Ayaya advantage!

Communications & Marketing

From asking initial questions, we create a strategy and plan that meets your budget and timeline.

Graphic Design

Our design is steeped in knowledge of Nunavut, its people and culture.


We work with the finest illustrators who bring designs to life through their work.

Social Marketing

We help to change behaviours while still respecting the culture and heritage of the North.


Our team of experienced translators knows every dialect.


Our in-house high-quality laser printers deliver 240 pages a minute while specialty printers deliver anything!

Focus Groups

If you want to know how audiences view your product or service, get in touch.


Many years of practice make us Nunavut’s expert in managing elections.

Special Events

For nearly 20 years, we’ve handled multiple events, often at the same time.


When you need a simple voice message, we’ll find the right talent to deliver it.


Working with partner Manoverboard, we specialize in WordPress websites in multiple languages.