We offer complete turn-key services from strategy to delivery, from asking initial key questions to delivering your message to Inuit households by direct mail, print, community meetings, television and a variety of web services.

Our graphic design is founded in knowledge of Nunavut, its people and culture. Our writers know the North inside out. Our translators know every dialect. Our production staff handle a multitude of projects in numerous aboriginal languages, flawlessly and always on time.

The final products: anything that communicates, from signs, reports, websites, social media, newsletters, posters, brochures, displays, manuals, school books, promotional items. You name it, we’ve done it.

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Ayaya is 75% owned by Inuit residents of Nunavut and is headquartered in Iqaluit. Launched at the Nunavut Trade Show in 2002, in a strategic partnership with Nortext, Ayaya was immediately successful in acquiring work from Inuit organizations, the Nunavut Government and businesses. Today it is Nunavut’s most prominent ad agency. It creates the North’s most visited websites, places ads across the North and nationally, and works in partnership with northern organizations to operate projects across Nunavut.

The People

Our people

With decades of experience in advertising and many years in Iqaluit, our account service team knows both the business and the audience. Managing director Nadia Ciccone and account co-ordinator Jason Roberts are Nunavut residents and Ayaya shareholders, both actively involved in serving clients in Iqaluit and across Nunavut. The team includes graphic designers, writers, translators, web programmers, and production staff, some of whom work from our Ottawa office with its in-house digital printing and its long relationships with southern printers.


With one click, order an ad anywhere

Save time, money and the risk of error by using Ayaya’s advertising system. Just tell us what you are planning or include your draft text and let us do the rest. Upon receipt of your request you will receive a quote and proofs of the ad to check in all languages. Once you approve the quote and artwork your ad will be released for publication. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.

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